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Animal Breeds

We have not only collected a lot of interesting and useful information about different pets, but also all the questions that our customers have asked us about the work of ZooBonus, products and questions with an asterisk about animal care. In different categories you will definitely find the answer to your question, and if not, call us at (044) 4903100
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Did you know that there are about 400 breeds of dogs and 200 breeds of cats, 10 types of parrots, and more than a dozen different types of rodents in the world? And each of them has its own character, peculiarities of appearance, individual personalities and physiological needs. But all of them need our love and care.

Hugs are not enough to give a pet a quality and happy life. Therefore, we have collected in one place all the most interesting information that will be useful for pet owners to get to know their pet and its needs better. Find the breed or species of your pet (present or future) and learn about special needs, life hacks and care recommendations, and the animal's weaknesses and strengths. All the interesting things about animals are now gathered in one place!

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