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This section of the site contains a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not find the answer to your question, you can ask it in the Call Center employee section by phone (044) 4903100
Who is a member of the discount program?

Each ZooBonus customer is provided with a "ZooBonus Discount Card" so that you always have the opportunity to take advantage of favorable price offers for the purchase of pet products.

How to claim with "ZooBonus Discount Card"?

The "ZooBonus discount card" has a unique number and is linked to Your e-mail address and phone number that you specified during registration.

We recommend always keeping the "ZooBonus Discount Card" with you. - you may need it:

  • when ordering online products for animals on the website
  • for shopping at branded pet stores of the ZooBonus network, the addresses of which are listed on our website sites
  • when ordering pet products by multi-channel phone (044) 490-31-00.

After registering on the website, in the "Personal account" You will always be able to find out the current status of the card, the amount of the discount and track your purchases.

  • Please note that discounts on the discount card cannot be combined with promotional products.
  • If the card is lost or damaged, notify the manager at the nearest representative office using the contacts
Are there additional benefits of ZooBonus discount cards?
  • Buy pet products for dogs, cats, birds and rodents at special prices in ZooBonus brand pet store network , or in the online store;
  • increase the amount of your discount when purchasing pet products (amounts from seasonal discounts and actions are taken into account accumulative program);
  • guaranteed to receive a gift* for your pet's birthday;
  • "ZooBonus discount card" - it is not personal and can be transferred for use by other persons, which will allow to increase the discount on the personal card faster;
  • "ZooBonus discount card" - gives the opportunity to participate in the actions of the "ZooBonus Club" network; (shops, clinics, grooming salons, kennels, zoo taxis, etc.), i.e. receive services;
  • discount system and "ZooBonus Discount Card" valid at all branded retail pet stores of the ZooBonus network throughout Ukraine and the online pet store

* A gift means an additional discount


Why do I need a ZooBonus discount card?

ZooBonus discount card gives you the opportunity to receive discounts, bonuses, gifts* for your pet's birthday, and also opens access to special offers in the ZooBonus network.

The ZooBonus card can be obtained:
  • when ordering on site
  • in the ZooBonus pet store, at the addresses indicated on the website
  • when ordering pet products by phone (044) 490-31-00.
  • You will receive the ZooBonus card by courier or mail after ordering pet products online or by phone;
  • *a gift means an additional discount

Each owner of the ZooBonus discount card participates in the discount program:

The validity period of the discount card is unlimited.

What discounts are available with ZooBonus discount cards?

"ZooBonus discount card" - Your discount will depend on the total amount of purchases, from the moment you receive the storage card.

In addition, immediately after the first purchase of pet products, you receive a discount on the purchase of pet products.

Each owner of the "ZooBonus Discount Card" becomes a member of our discount program:

  • MEMBER card, 2% discount -  issued with the first purchase of pet products in the ZooBonus network.
  • PRESTIGE card, 5% discount -  can be exchanged for purchases of a total amount from UAH 5,000
  • SUPER card, 10% discount - can be exchanged for purchases for a total amount of 15,000 hryvnias
Are additional discounts provided on the discount card for birthday pets?
The ZooBonus branded chain of stores delights pets with an additional discount on their birthday.
Take part in the ongoing promotion «Pet's birthday – a holiday for the owner»  every owner of a cumulative discount card can ZooBonus.
If you are not yet our client – don't miss this opportunity! Register on the website and fill in all the data about your pet in your personal account. Now, every year during the entire calendar month in which your pet was born, you will be able to purchase pet products with an additional discount according to your accumulative discount card: MEMBER card, 2% – additional discount for pet's birthday 5%. Prestige card, 5%– 10% additional discount for the pet's birthday. SUPER card, 10%  – 15% additional discount for the pet's birthday.
The promotion is valid permanently.
Give pets not only your attention and love, but also gifts, and be sure that they will definitely share their warmth and endless devotion with you.
After entering all the information about your pet (date of birth of the pet, its breed and nickname) – the data does not change.
Delivery and payments
How to place an order for delivery of pet products to ZooBonus?
ZooBonus – is an online store and a branded chain of pet stores with goods for dogs, cats, birds and rodents with representative offices in the cities of: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Sumy, Lviv and delivery to other cities of Ukraine.
Online store
  • Make an order online  on the site is possible after registration, which provides additional benefits.
  • You can also buy in our online pet store without prior registration.
  • A consultant manager will definitely contact you to confirm the order, date and time of delivery.
ZooBonus brand pet store network:
  • You can buy products for animals, as well as place an order with the delivery of pet products to your home or office, and get qualified advice on the selection of products for your pet in one of our specialized pet stores in your city.
  • Working schedule, contact numbers and addresses of pet stores   of the "ZooBonus" network. here.
Order pet products by phone:
  • You can place an order for pet products with home delivery and get advice by calling in your city or the multi-channel number: +38 (044) 490-31-00
  • Order pet products by phone here.
  • Please check the correct spelling of your contact phone number when placing an order, as this is the fastest and most reliable way to contact you.
  • Our forwarding drivers will be very grateful if you specify the number and code of the front door, floor and details of the entrance to your house when placing the order.
  • You can set the time interval in which you would like to receive the order.
  • You can also specify that an hour before the arrival of the order, the driver-forwarder calls you and specifies the delivery time.
  • Please do not turn off your phone and be in touch at the specified delivery time.
Do you accept checks?

No, unfortunately, Zoobonus does not work with the check payment system.

If I have questions about the product, where can I get answers?
  • You can contact our managers at the numbers indicated on the website, choosing the representative office closest to you.
  • You can send questions to the e-mail [email protected].
  • You can ask questions on the website. You will receive an answer in the near future.
  • You can get a consultation in one of the stores of our network.
Can your store list several products (eg collars) to choose from?

So we provide such a service. When placing an order, you need to choose the products you are interested in and indicate that you are ordering them by choice. If none of the products suit you, you will have to pay for shipping.

How to place an order on your website?

To place an order, first select the products you need and place them in the cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. A pop-up window will let you know that the addition was successful. After adding all the products you need, go to the "Basket" section by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Check that you have selected everything you wanted to order and, if necessary, edit the list by adding or removing items by clicking on the "Remove" button. in the far right column. Edit the number of products in the second column. Once you're sure you've ordered everything you need, click the 'List' button. The amount will change to the actual amount. Then click "Checkout".

Check the shipping address and phone number. Change if necessary. Choose the appropriate delivery and payment method. Enter the date and estimated time of delivery. If you have any clarifications or wishes, write them in the "Comment" column. Click "Confirm order". Our manager will contact you shortly to clarify the details.

What advantages does registering on the site give me?

Registration on the site gives you the following advantages:

1) Buy goods with discounts

2) Be among the first to learn about new products and promotions

3) Learn; availability of the product in stock in your region

4) When clicking on the "Report availability" button on the same day to receive information about the arrival of the goods in the warehouse

5) Create a "List of favorite products", which will speed up next orders   


Questions about pets
How to transfer a dog from one feed to another?

If you want to switch your dog to a different food, you should do it gradually, because a sudden change in diet can cause an upset stomach , diarrhea, vomiting, excessive flatulence or constipation.

Herring very slowly, namely within 7-10 days, gradually replacing the old food with new food. You can give the dog food in the proportion of 75% old and 25% new for several days, then 50% old and 50% new for several days, and 25% old and 75% new for several days. After that, you can switch to 100% feed replacement. If in the process of transitioning to a new food, your pet has vomiting, loose stools or constipation, reduce the amount of new food.

How often should a puppy be taken outside?

You should take your puppy outside every few hours, especially:
- after sleep;
- after the game;
- after eating and drinking;
- before closing it in a cage;
- every time he begins to carefully sniff the floor in search of a place for the "toilet".

You need to walk your puppy often enough to prevent it from getting "dirty" in house. It may seem like a lot, but every time a puppy relieves itself in the house, it is one step back in the training process.

What is the body temperature of a healthy dog?

The normal body temperature of a dog is 38.5-39C.
During active physical activity, the dog's temperature rises a little, so if your dog has come from a walk or has just stopped playing, wait 10-15 minutes and only then start measuring the temperature.

How to determine the correct cage size for a dog?

A cage of the right size is one in which your dog can lie down or turn around while standing, and still has 10-15 cm of free space when sitting or standing.

Is immunity to piroplasmosis developed in a dog that has contracted it?

Immunity with piroplasmosis is not produced, that is, a dog can get sick with it several times.

At what age can you stop brushing a dog's teeth?

A dog needs brushing at any age. Moreover, the older your dog gets, the more important it is to brush his teeth regularly, as this will prevent stains and tartar from forming on his teeth. Maintaining your dog's oral hygiene is an important step in maintaining its health.

Does it matter if my dog eats solid or soft food?

Studies show that slightly hard foods are slightly better at preventing tartar. Today, special treats are produced that allow you to clean your teeth of plaque and tartar in a natural way.

Is bad breath from a dog natural?

No. An unpleasant smell from the dog's mouth can indicate the presence of diseases of the mouth or stomach.

Do rodents have helminths?

Yes, in some cases, a rodent can become infected with helminths (worms).

Is it possible to smoke in a room with an animal?

If you care about animals and their health, refrain from smoking in the premises where pets live

How to prolong the life of a pet?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally and briefly, let alone give specific and precise recommendations. Each pet needs an individual approach depending on the species, breed, age, gender and many other factors. In general, it can be said that it is a complex: proper maintenance and care, full and balanced feeding, high-quality veterinary care.

Is it necessary to undergo quarantine when buying a rodent?

Any new animal should be isolated from others for 2-4 weeks. A newly arrived pet can be placed in a different cage, but in the same room, although some viruses can be carried from room to room. If you cannot isolate the new pet from the old ones in a separate building, then there is no guarantee that the new one will not infect the old ones. To prevent infection, you must follow the relevant rules: wash your hands after communication, carefully observe the pet's behavior and appearance, be sure to show your pet to a veterinarian.

How to make life easier for a rodent in the heat?

1. The animal must have constant access to clean drinking water. Change the water in the fountain every day.

2. Give more juicy food – fruits and vegetables suitable for your rodent.

3. In no case do not put the cage in the sun, draft or in a stuffy room.

4. In case of very high air temperature, spread ice bags around the cage.


Why do birds eat sand?

A bird's stomach is a hard, muscular bag filled with small pebbles (or large sand). These pebbles act like a millstone, grinding the solid food that enters inside, making it ready for further digestion. Stones are constantly crushed, decreasing in size and removed from the body with feces. That is why birds peck stones, replenishing the supply of "stomach grinders".

How dangerous is the summer season for birds?

All birds enjoy the rays of the sun and undoubtedly need them. If the cage with your birds is near a window or you leave your pets under the sun's rays, then remember that there is always a danger of overheating. To prevent this from happening, leave part of the cage covered with a cloth. The bird should always be able to hide from the scorching rays of the sun and go into the shade. There should be water in the cage at all times, in addition to the automatic water dispenser, it is also desirable to hang a bath with water.

What is the best place in the room for a bird cage?

Any bird (picked up in nature or bought in a pet store) can be sick. Therefore, it can never be immediately released into a room where there are already birds. The person who arrived again must undergo quarantine.
Veterinary practice indicates that the quarantine period should be at least four weeks. During this time, the incubation period of most infectious diseases passes, and the possibility of transmitting the disease to healthy birds is excluded.

Which cage to choose?

The shape of the cages and their sizes depend on which bird they are intended for and for what purpose you are going to keep it.
The most practical rectangular cells without domes, devoid of any architectural excesses. They can be installed one above the other, like a column, thereby saving space in the apartment. The architectural excesses of the cages not only complicate its cleaning, but also contribute to the reproduction of blood-sucking arthropods.

How to correctly place the poles in the cage?

Perches or grafting branches should be placed so that the bird does not touch the wall of the cage with its tail and has the opportunity to fly from one to another. Perches can be installed at different levels, but not one above the other, so that the birds do not dirty each other's plumage with droppings. The number of poles depends on the size and purpose of the cage.

Which feeders are better to use for feeding?

Special feeders are used for feeding birds, where the feed is less prone to contamination and scattering. Each cage should have at least three feeders: for grain, soft and mineral feed. Feeders can be made of hard wood (beech, oak), plastic, ceramics or glass. The sides of the feeders must protect the feed from scattering.

How to care for birds?

An important condition for keeping birds in cages and aviaries is cleanliness. The well-known proverb "Cleanliness is the key to health" is also true in relation to your feathered pets. The time spent on maintaining cleanliness and order in the bird premises will pay off a hundredfold. This will help to avoid a number of diseases - intestinal, parasitic and other. It is not recommended to settle many birds in gardens and aviaries, as this leads to rapid contamination of the premises, and the resulting infectious disease spreads quickly among numerous residents. It is better to settle the birds in the rooms prepared for them in the morning, because during the day they will get used to the new housing conditions and spend the night peacefully. With a mixed content, the characters of the birds should be taken into account. Among them there are calm individuals that are used both in cages and in aviaries with other birds. But there are aggressive ones whose common content with other birds is undesirable, especially in small cages, where their aggressiveness is more pronounced. Cages are cleaned at least once a week, and when the contents are crowded - much more often. During the general collection, which is carried out at least 1-2 times a year, the birds are transplanted into another, clean cage, and the contaminated one is scalded with boiling water, rubbed with a brush or washcloth with soap or washing powder and thoroughly washed with hot water. Cages and equipment must not only be washed regularly, but also disinfected.

What preventive measures should be taken to avoid the tracheal mite?

The simpler the cages are, the easier it is to take care of them in order to avoid the appearance of parasites (primarily the tracheal mite), they must be disinfected more often - at least once a month. Before disinfection, the cage is cleaned of dust and dirt, washed with hot water or boiling water. Then all the grooves and cracks are washed with a disinfectant solution, using a brush to lubricate the cracks. The cage is allowed to dry, and then it is washed with a brush in hot soapy water. It is necessary to be careful when washing the cage and not to leave any traces of disinfectants on the plastic and metal parts.

Why is it necessary to sterilize cats and castrate cats?

This operation prevents the animal from reproducing and helps the animal live a long and healthy life. Cats are castrated, that is, the testicles are removed. Castration is a simple operation, after which the cat can be taken home the same day, and the next day he returns to his usual way of life. Cats are sterilized, that is, the ovaries are removed. This operation is more difficult because it is a cavity operation. But usually the cat can also be taken home on the day of the operation, but for 3-7 days it will be necessary to limit its activity until the wound heals and the stitches are removed. Females must be sterilized at the age of 8 to 10 months.

Do all cats love peppermint?

Many, but not all. Approximately 10-30% of domestic cats are indifferent to catnip.

Do you need to wash the cat?

Cats are very neat, constantly lick themselves, and do not need regular washing. Most cats do not like water treatments. However, they are necessary in case of severe pollution or to get rid of fleas (a special shampoo is used). To remove mild dirt, you can use a shampoo that does not require water, which is applied to the wool and then combed out with a brush.

Exhibition animals are a special case. Cats are washed a few days before the exhibition, for which there are special care series.

Another reason to wash the cat regularly – the ability to get rid of cat hair lying everywhere. If you wash your cat once every 1-2 months using professional products (shampoo, balm, conditioner), even in the apartment of the owners of long-haired cats, the amount of hair shed will noticeably decrease.

Can dry food and homemade food be mixed?

When feeding a cat with dry food, this type of digestion occurs, in which the food in the stomach absorbs moisture and swells before being digested. And with natural feeding, a different type of digestion occurs, the food does not swell, but on the contrary gives away the moisture it contains. A cat's digestive system cannot function in two modes at the same time, nor can it instantly switch from one to another. This can lead to stomach diseases and metabolic disorders. You need to think once and make an informed choice between drying and natural feeding and adhere to a certain type of nutrition. If you change as needed, then gradually.

The composition of ready-made food is selected in such a way as to provide the cat with all nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. If you add something from yourself there, the balance is disturbed. This, at a minimum, nullifies the effect of the costs of buying a balanced feed, at the most it causes an imbalance in the cat with respect to certain substances, which can have a detrimental effect on a healthy cat.

At what age should you buy a kitten?

A kitten should be bought at an age when it can do without its mother. Usually it is about 6-8 months, but if you see that he does without his mother already after 3-4 months, this period is also quite normal.</p>

The cat sharpens its claws on the furniture. How to deal with it?

To solve this problem, we recommend buying a claw. You can accustom your pet to it with the help of catnip.

How often should a cat's nails be trimmed?

Once every two weeks. Be careful! When cutting, do not touch the blood vessels running in the claws.

Is the cat overweight?

Veterinarians often use a 9-point system for determining the condition of pets, according to which a score of 1 means that the animal is on the verge of exhaustion, and 9 indicates that it is too full. A rating of 5 points means that the animal is in good condition. To determine the condition of your cat, you should pay attention to the following principles.

To start, let's feel the cat's ribs. They should feel good, while there should be a small layer of fat on them. If the cat's ribs are visible - it is too thin, if you cannot feel them - the animal is obese.

Second, check the area near the base of the tail. It should be covered with a thin layer of fat. If bones protrude, the animal is too thin, if you cannot feel them at all, it is too fat.

Third, feel other parts of the animal's body: spine, shoulders, hips. Here, too, you should feel the presence of a thin layer of fat, while if the bones protrude, the animal is underfed, if you cannot feel them at all, it is overfed.

Fourth, look at your cat from above. It should have a waist that is located behind the ribs. If the waist is too pronounced or the bones protrude - the animal is exhausted, if there is no waist at all, or this area is even wider than the ribs and hips, then the cat is overloaded.

Fifth, look at the cat from the side. Cats should have a taut stomach. In thin cats, the undertow is too pronounced, in fat cats the stomach hangs out.

What are the terms of cooperation with sellers of pet products, pharmacies, online stores, etc.?
We are interested in establishing business cooperation with pet stores, online stores, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, zoo taxis, animal hotels, shelters, etc. To do this, we implement a flexible pricing policy and comprehensive marketing and advertising support for partners in the pet business.
Working conditions, formpayment and conditions delivery goods are stipulated individually:


What are the terms of cooperation with kennels, clubs, handlers, trainers, groomers?

We offer exclusive terms of cooperation and a profitable system of discounts to registered partners:  kennels, clubs, handlers, trainers, groomers  etc. Contacts for working with kennels, clubs in Kyiv:098-511-32-28; 066-558-77-35; 093-831-59-20.

Action - Birthday of a favorite!
Are there additional discounts on a pet's birthday?

The ZooBonus branded chain of stores delights pets with an additional discount on their birthday.

How can you get an additional discount on your pet's birthday?

Take part in the permanent "Pet's birthday" promotion. a holiday for the owner» every owner of a ZooBonus accumulative discount card can.

If you are not yet our client – don't miss this opportunity! Register on the website and fill in all the data about your pet in your personal account.

Give pets not only your attention and love, but also gifts, and be sure. they will definitely share their warmth and endless devotion with you.


After entering all the information about your pet (date of birth of the pet, its breed and nickname) – the data does not change.

What percentage of the discount can be received on the pet's birthday?

Now, annually during the entire calendar month in which your pet was born, you will be able to purchase pet products with an additional discount according to your accumulative discount card: MEMBER card, 2% – additional discount for pet's birthday 5%. PRESTIGE card, 5% – 10% additional discount for the pet's birthday. SUPER card, 10% – additional discount for the pet's birthday 15%.

What is the validity period of the promotion - discount on the pet's birthday?

Promotion "Pet's birthday" a holiday for the owner!» works constantly.