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Loving owners of dogs and cats always want to please their pets with new toys, buy quality ammunition, provide their pets with proper nutrition and rest, and take care of their health. Pet shop is a favorite place for all pet lovers.

What should be a good pet supply shop?
Many pet owners spend hours looking through addresses of pet shops on the Internet, reading reviews. Not every pet shop in Kiev and other cities meets the criteria important to the buyer:

  • wide assortment;
  • the ability to order goods online;
  • delivery services of the goods;
  • the quality of goods;
  • favorable prices;
  • competent and polite consultants.
  • Online pet shop ZooBonus is the best solution for you and your pet.

Pet products in
Our pet shop offers a wide range of products. Here you will find everything you need for dogs, cats, birds and rodents of any sex, age and breed. You can buy everything you need for your pet in one place. This saves time. If you live in a small town where there is no pet shop, it's not a barrier to provide your cat or dog with the best. With us you can order everything for dogs and cats, birds and rodents with delivery to any region.

In our catalog you will find products from the best manufacturers, which are widely known not only on the Ukrainian market, but also far beyond, so you can be sure that you are getting for your pet all the best, useful and safe.

Online pet shop - is the opportunity to shop without leaving home. All products are available in the relevant sections of the catalog on the website, so you can easily find what you are interested. High-quality pictures and detailed descriptions will help you to get an idea of this or that position and make the right choice. If you have any questions you can ask our consultants at any time who will explain to you the features of selected products. You can see for yourself that shopping with us is easy and pleasant.

Quality pet supplies are not worth little. Thanks to our loyal pricing policy, you can save the budget and the remaining money to buy your four-legged friend a tasty treat or interesting toy, he will be very happy.

Buying pet products from us, you save time, money, and bring joy to your pet.

Pet Shop Assortment
Our online pet supply shop offers everything you need for dogs and cats, birds and rodents.

High-quality food is health, good spirits and longevity of your pet. You will be able to choose a diet that is right for your pet depending on its health, size, coat type, age and activity. Animals and birds, just like people, need vitamins at certain times of life. Choose exactly the right complex for your pet's needs.

High-quality ammunition is a guarantee of your pet's safety on a walk. You can choose collars and leashes for training, daily walks, exhibitions. We also have available muzzles, dog collars, cat collars, harnesses.

Proper care of hair will give your friend a great look and health. Using special tools to remove hair during the moulting period will help maintain cleanliness in your apartment. Human shampoos should not be used for bathing pets, so buy one that takes into account the PH of the pet's skin.

An animal that is parasitized by fleas or mites feels depressed, behaves nervously, and constantly itches and damages its skin. Go to the section that contains preparations against ectoparasites and choose the most appropriate remedy. Regular prevention of worm infestations is also necessary. Modern drugs in our catalog are effective and safe.

All animals and birds love fun games. Delight your pet with an exciting toy that will help him have fun even when you're busy with your chores.

Your pet needs its own corner equipped with a cot, nest or house to rest comfortably. Give your pet the opportunity to fully relax and be cozy at any time of year.

ZooBonus pet shop will help you choose everything your pets need for a happy life. Your pet deserves the best and it will pay you back for your care with sincere love, boundless affection and devotion.

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