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Spring shedding: products that make this period easier

Spring shedding: products that make this period easier

Ready for spring molting?
Spring is here, and it's time to give your pets the right care during this period.

  • The Safari and Flamingo brushes for long and short hair will help you with combing.
  • Vitamin supplements Shed-X or Nutri-Vet wild salmon oil help to reduce shedding and keep the coat healthy.
  • The unique Davis De-Shed shampoo and conditioner will help to control shedding, providing an express shedding procedure at home.
  • Take care of prevention with the right food. The coat and skin will become even more beautiful, the shine will increase, and the dog will feel better thanks to Pronature Holistic with whitefish or 1st Choice Derma.
  • The K&H Kitty Lounge bed will be a lifesaver for your home because it attracts shedding. The secret of this bed is a special fabric that literally sticks to the hair. And accordingly, there is less of it around.

Support your furry friends during the molting period by providing them with the best care products!

ZooBonus offers a wide range of shampoos, combs, and vitamins that will help make your dog or cat's spring shedding easy and comfortable.
ZooBonus - they understand your pet!

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