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Top 5 things a cat wants to "tell" you

Top 5 things a cat wants to "tell" you

Does your cat behave as if it wants to say something? We will help you "decipher" your cat's messages.
So, here are 5 things your cat would like to "tell" its owners.

  1. "If I purr, it's not always out of happiness."
    Cats do purr out of pleasure most of the time. But sometimes they make such sounds when they are stressed, experiencing fear or pain. Purring is a cat's way of self-soothing, which helps to create a sense of comfort. Signs of nervous purring can include flattened ears, a lowered head, and an attempt to hide somewhere.
  2. "I often hide my pain."
    Cats hide their pain instinctively. Because in the wild, such an animal is considered weak and can become easy prey for predators. That is why cat owners should be more attentive, be able to recognize the first signs of illness and help their pets.
  3. "When I blink slowly, I express trust."
    If you see a cat looking at you with very slow blinking eyes, it expresses trust and care for you. Therefore, cats usually behave like this only in the presence of "their" people and animals.
  4. "My litter box is my special place."
    The litter box is a very important place for a cat. And he demonstrates this every day. First, the litter box should be clean - clean it regularly and don't forget to change the litter. Second, it should always be accessible, cozy, and comfortable. In families with several cats, it is advisable to have more than one litter box. Then the pets will not quarrel. Is it difficult? Not really, if you buy the right products. The litter box should be made of high-quality plastic - durable and safe. Like Moderna toilets. And then choose a filler that instantly absorbs the excrement or turns it into a lump. And at the same time, it eliminates unpleasant odors. All these tasks are easily accomplished by Cat Leader litters. 
  5. "I need entertainment."
    Cats are extremely intelligent, so they need interesting entertainment to be completely happy. Then the day alone will pass well and without loss for the owners. If your cat loves tasty food, keep him busy with a puzzle with treats. Take the PetSafe Slimcat, a toy that gives your cat something tasty to eat while playing.

The cat will be more likely to dismantle its positive emotions if it feels the love and care of its owners.
We understand how to take care of a cat with ease and pleasure. So come to the stores for advice.

ZooBonus - we understand your pet.

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