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Top 5 life hacks to keep your dog warm in winter

Top 5 life hacks to keep your dog warm in winter

Winter is a time when we need to take special care of our pets to make them feel warm and cozy.
Top 5 life hacks to keep your dog warm in winter:

  1. Clothes: depending on the length of your dog's coat and the presence of an undercoat, dress him for a walk.
    If you have a girl dog, look for a jumpsuit with a closed tummy - it's not only a fashion accessory, but also an effective protection against the cold. In addition, overalls additionally protect against dirt and snow.
  2. A heated bed is a dog's dream! Ensure your pet's comfort with innovative heated beds from K&H.
  3. Paw care: Nutri-vet wax protects paw pads from frost, snow and salt, leaving them soft and moisturized.
  4. Personal space in a closed house. The house-shaped bed is an ideal place to shelter from drafts.
  5. Refresh the coat without water. Davis dry shampoo allows you to quickly clean your dog's coat without making him freeze after a shower.

Let's create the perfect conditions for your pet in winter together.

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ZooBonus - we understand your pet!

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