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How to calm a dog during explosions and gunshots?

How to calm a dog during explosions and gunshots?

Loud noises - explosions, gunshots - are very stressful for pets. Dogs tremble with fear, start howling, and look for a hiding place.
The best way to help a dog overcome anxiety is for their owners. ZooBonus has collected top 5 tips for you!

Always be close to your dog. He will feel safer with you.
Give your dog a sedative. Such drugs will help relieve a dog of an acute panic attack. These can be special pills, gels, or collars.
Distract your dog from scary sounds by playing. A favorite toy will help the animal to concentrate on entertainment, the animal will relax and calm down.
Give your dog a treat. Chewing is one way to overcome anxiety. For this purpose, treats in the form of bones or dried delicacies are perfect.
Soothe your pet with body language. First, sit next to your dog, relax, and breathe deeply. Stroke your pet lightly, yawn more often. Animals are very sensitive to the state of their owners, so your example will help the dog relax.

Give love to your pet, show care and it will overcome any anxiety without any problems.

ZooBonus wishes that all pets and their owners have as little to worry about as possible!

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