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DoggyMan Soft Chicken Strip Cheese DOGGYMAN CHICKEN STICKS WITH CHEESE dog treat

Item No.: Z0085
DoggyMan Japan
Item No.: Z0085
DoggyMan Japan
Weight (kg):
  • 0.18 kg
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About the product

DoggyMan Soft Chicken Strip Cheese – A delicious addition to the daily diet of adult dogs of all breeds and puppies over 2 months old. The basis of the delicacy – chicken fillet, which goes perfectly with a spicy cheese topping. Cheese turns the familiar taste of chicken into a delicious snack.

Doggyman chicken fingers have a relatively soft texture. Dogs with dental problems, puppies and older pets will find this a huge plus as chewing such a delicacy is much easier than jerky.

The delicacy is made in the form of sticks with a number of notches on one of the sides so that it can be easily broken and given to the pet. Soft, small pieces of treats are ideal as a reward during training, because they do not require much chewing.

Does the dog ask for more? IMPORTANT! Treat your pet the right way: never substitute a treat for a full meal, especially when your dog has weight problems. Delicacy – this is only 8-10% of the total daily diet of dogs, adhere to the feeding norms depending on the weight of your pet.

Why you should buy DoggyMan Soft Chicken Strip Cheese:


  • a delicious addition to the daily menu;
  • the original taste of chicken fillet in a new version with the addition of cheese;
  • well digested, easy to digest;
  • Must be excellent due to its soft texture, which is important for dogs with dental problems and older pets;
  • easily divided into parts using notches on one side of the stick;
  • with a high content of healthy animal protein (chicken fillet, cheese) to maintain the health and activity of your pet, strengthen immunity;
  • recommended for adult dogs and puppies over 2 months old;
  • Easy to store: Zip-Lock packaging keeps treats fresh.


Dimensions of 1 stick: 10x1x0.6 cm (0.6 cm – average thickness, may vary along the length of the treat).

INGREDIENTS: chicken fillet, corn starch, cheese, sugar, glycerin, sorbitol (E420), propylene glycol, sodium lactate (E325), sodium nitrite (E250), food coloring. 350 kcal / 100 g.

COMPOSITION ANALYSIS: protein – 18% fat – 7%, fiber – 1%, ash – 5%, humidity – 28%.

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: As a snack between meals for adult dogs and puppies over 2 months of age. A treat in the pet's menu should be no more than 8-10% of the total daily diet. Adjust the amount of treats according to your pet's weight, breed, and health. Always provide an adequate supply of fresh drinking water for your dog.

WARNING! The absorbent inside the package is not to be fed to the pet, it is only necessary to prevent the formation of moisture inside the package.


– for dogs weighing 1-5 kg ??– 1-3 pieces;
– for dogs weighing 5-11 kg – 3-6 pieces;
– for dogs weighing 11-23 kg – 6-10 pieces;
– for dogs weighing 23-40 kg – 10-15 pieces


Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Keep packaging away from direct sunlight and moisture. Opened packages of treats should be stored in the refrigerator.

  • Article Z0085
  • Gtin 6941333400850
  • For whom? Dogs
  • Brand DoggyMan
  • Country of registration brand Japan
  • Breed size XL - Giant dog, XS - Mini dog, M - Medium dog, L - Large dog, S - Small dog
  • Тype Chewy treat
  • Weight (kg) 0.18
  • Taste Chicken, Cheese
  • Type of packaging Zip package
  • Purpose Healthy digestion, Complementary feed, Training
  • Features of the product No rawhide, Grain free
  • Age Puppy, Adult, Senior
  • Coat type Long haired with a medium undercoat, Long haired with a thick undercoat, Medium coat (regular or wild), Short haired, Hairless, Wire haired, Curly coated shedding, Atypical (corded) coat, Long haired no undercoat
  • Country of production China
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