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Coastal Turbo Cat Grass Cat, container, wheat grains, vermiculite

Item No.: 88341_NCLCAT
Coastal США
Item No.: 88341_NCLCAT
Coastal США
  • 25 cm
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About the product

Do your houseplants already have cat teeth marks? Do not ignore this phenomenon, it is possible that your cat is experiencing a need to eat grass. Growing juicy greens at home is easy with the Coastal Turbo Cat Grass Container Planter. Included – convenient container for sprouting, organic wheat grains and ideal soil (vermiculite).

Why buy Coastal Turbo Cat Grass Kit:

  • EASY to grow at home: just add water to vermiculite with wheat grains and watch it grow;
  • BENEFITS: the use of wheat germ by animals improves digestion and intestinal motility, reduces the formation of hairballs in the cat's stomach, serves as an additional source of vitamins, especially folic acid, and minerals;
  • CONTROL: no need to worry about houseplants that your furry pet used to encroach on;
  • QUALITY: Organic wheat seeds and high quality vermiculite made in the USA;
  • FAST: wheat germinates already on the 4th day;
  • The IDEAL growing medium for growing organic wheat grains in high quality vermiculite. The soil is able to retain a large amount of moisture for a long time, and also contains all the necessary substances for grass growth;
  • THE TIME TO USE THE HERB – 3 weeks on average.

The planter container is ideal as a container for sprouting grass for cats:

  • the optimal size and shape allow you to grow an even, dense 'lawn' that is convenient for a cat to eat;
  • tray and mesh construction ensures uniform germination and prevents the pet from digging in the soil;
  • Possibility of embedding a scratching post in the center console Coastal Turbo Scratcher.


  • product diameter – 25 cm;
  • product height – 2 cm;
  • pallet depth – 1 cm

INGREDIENTS: organic wheat seeds, vermiculite.

  • 2 piece plastic sprouting container – pallet and mesh;
  • primer vermiculite – 1 pack;
  • wheat grains – 1 pack.

1. Soak the grains in cool water for 12 hours, then remove excess moisture.

2. Evenly spread the vermiculite (soil for planting seeds) in a tray and dampen with water – 60-70 ml is sufficient.

3. Spread the soaked beans evenly over the wet vermiculite.

4. Place the grid cover on the drip tray and rotate it to lock it in place.

5. Place the container with soil and seeds in a dark place, keep the seeds moist by wetting them twice a day.

6. In 4-5 days the wheat will germinate. As soon as seedlings appear, move the container to a place with diffused sunlight.

7. Water the sprouts daily with 60-70 ml of water or as needed.

8. When the sprouts reach a height of 10-13 cm, the cat grass container can be placed in the center console of the Coastal Turbo Scratcher.

9. After about 3 weeks, when the grass for cats has lost its palatability for the pet, clean the plantation container of the remnants of sprouts and start the process of germinating the grains again. Soil and wheat grains can be purchased in our online store.

  • Article 88341_NCLCAT
  • Gtin 0879213003418
  • For whom? Cats
  • Brand Coastal
  • Country of registration brand США
  • Тype Container, Grass for cats
  • Size 25 cm
  • Material Plastic
  • Type of packaging Polyethylene
  • Purpose For games, Hairball
  • Features of the product Cereals
  • Age Adult, Kitten, Senior
  • Breed size Medium cat, Small cat, Big cat
  • Coat type Long haired, Wire haired, Short haired, Hairless
  • Country of production США
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