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Coastal Soft Basket Muzzle Coastal Soft Basket Muzzle silicone muzzle for dogs

Item No.: 01365_BLK02
Coastal США
Item No.: 01365_BLK02
Coastal США
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About the product
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Silicone dog muzzle Coastal Soft Basket Muzzle – this is a great solution for walking. The muzzle provides comprehensive protection and will not allow your pet to pick up various objects while walking, bite and bark for no reason.

Ammunition for dogs is made in the form of a basket. Flexible and lightweight silicone material provides a great fit on the muzzle and does not cause discomfort to your pet when wearing the muzzle.

The muzzle is fixed securely and safely with nylon straps. It is possible to adjust them according to the dog's muzzle. In places of contact with the muzzle, the straps are sewn with soft neoprene tape, which prevents chafing and is comfortable for the dog.

A convenient plastic fastex clasp allows you to quickly put on or take off the muzzle from your dog.

Why buy a Coastal Soft Basket Muzzle for dogs:

  • Lightweight and soft molded silicone basket, allowing the dog to breathe freely;
  • Easy muzzle adjustment with nylon straps (width 2cm);
  • The inside of the straps has a neoprene lining that prevents chafing;
  • comfortable and durable plastic fastex fastener;
  • Reflective stitching along the edges of the straps will allow you to control the behavior of the dog and the fit of the muzzle in the dark.

The Coastal Soft Basket Muzzle is designed for short-term use, taking into account the nature of the dog. This type of ammunition for dogs serves solely as a precaution, not a punishment. Remember that you are the owner of your pet's behavior.

Make sure you choose the correct Coastal Soft Basket Muzzle size:

Size 1 – dachshund, maltese, miniature poodle.

Size 2 – cocker spaniel, jack russell terrier, west highland terrier.

Size 3 – beagle, corgi, schnauzer.

Size 4 – dalmatian, pointer, husky.

Size 5 – retriever, boxer, doberman.

Size 6 – mastiff, dog, st. bernard.

Overall dimensions of the package (WxDxH): 16.5x8x22 cm

  1. Muzzle your dog and make sure it's comfortable.
  2. Fasten the straps with a buckle. Make sure the straps are not twisted.
  3. Use the adjustment on the strap for a comfortable and secure fit of the muzzle.
  4. The muzzle should not press under the eyes, on the nose, fall off the dog's head or give her the opportunity to take it off.
  5. If the muzzle is damaged, do not use it.
  • Article 01365_BLK02
  • Gtin 0076484136061
  • For whom? Dogs
  • Brand Coastal
  • Country of registration brand США
  • Breed size S - Small dog, XS - Mini dog
  • Тype Muzzle
  • Size Size 2
  • Length (cm) 7
  • Diameter (cm) 25.4
  • Material Silicone
  • Type of packaging Card
  • Purpose Accessory, Training
  • Features of the product Without picture, Waterproof
  • Age Senior, Puppy, Adult
  • Coat type Long haired no undercoat, Long haired with a medium undercoat, Medium coat (regular or wild), Short haired, Hairless, Wire haired, Curly coated shedding, Atypical (corded) coat, Long haired with a thick undercoat
  • Country of production China
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