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Abyssinian Guinea Pigs

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs
The Abyssinian guinea pig has a peculiar coat with many growth points - rosettes. This feature, combined with expressive large eyes and a funny muzzle, makes these pets one of the most sought after.... Go to the breed description
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Breed size
Medium rodent
Breed weight
800-1500 g
5-8 years
Power type
Country of origin
South America

The Abyssinian guinea pig has a peculiar coat with many growth points - rosettes. This feature, combined with expressive large eyes and a funny muzzle, makes these pets one of the most sought after.


The breed owes its appearance to a mutation of the wool gene, which was first noted in England in 1861. In the 19th century, all guinea pigs were smooth-haired and differed from each other only in color, so the appearance of abi made a splash. For almost 100 years, this breed was considered the most popular.

Unfortunately, today, despite their continued popularity, these pets are not so common. The reason for this is the incredibly complex breeding process. This breed requires painstaking selection, as the arrangement of rosettes is unstable, and the standard is strict and adamant. Today, many guinea pigs called rosettes are actually not related to abi, but are a cross between Peruvian and smooth-haired pigs.


The Abyssinian guinea pig is easily recognizable by its unusual coat.

The wool of these rodents does not grow in one direction, but forms several points of growth - rosettes, necessarily symmetrical and regular in shape. The number of such outlets in one pig can be from 8 to 12. The layout of the outlets is as follows: nose (2 outlets), shoulders (2 outlets), torso (4 outlets on the middle and back). The breed standard is quite strict, and not all guinea pigs with rosettes presented in a pet store are Abyssinians.

The coat of the "Abyssinians" is short and dense. In females, it is much softer than in males. The range of colors is quite wide. The most common colors are black, motley, red and roan.

Abyssinian guinea pigs have a rather dense, stocky physique, large expressive eyes and funny, slightly lowered ears. In general, these are very pretty, original pets.

Today, Abyssinian guinea pigs are one of the most popular breeds in the world, but their numbers are not so high due to complex breeding.


Abyssinian guinea pigs are pets with character. Nature itself instructed them to build a strict hierarchy in society, from where rumors originate about the excessive tendency of pussies to conflict with their relatives. In practice, possible clarification of relationships is easy to prevent, it is enough not to place two males and pregnant females in one cage. Future owners of Abyssinian pigs should understand that pets placed in one cage begin to perceive themselves as a group, which means that any newcomer for them is a stranger who has yet to be shown in his place.

At the same time, when one male and several females are kept in one cage, as a rule, no conflicts arise.

Otherwise, these are active, curious and cheerful pets, which are very pleasant to watch. Many lovers of guinea pigs have probably heard more than once stories about abies merrily going down the steps to the lawn, and after a walk they climb back. So, it's all true!

Maintenance and care

Abi are unpretentious and need standard care. However, special attention should be paid to the formation of companies that will live in the same cage. As a rule, families consisting only of females rarely conflict. While several males in one cage will sort things out all the time, and the consequences of such communication can be the most unpleasant.

New families should be created from young individuals: young guinea pigs do not yet need an active demonstration of superiority and adapt more easily to a new company.

Abyssinians need a spacious cage that will be kept clean. In a cage that is too tight, pets feel bad and often get sick due to constant stress.

A spacious clean cage, balanced nutrition, fresh water, a cozy house and toys will make your pets truly happy!

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